How to Open an E-Bay Store


How to Open an E-Bay Store

Founded in 1995, eBay has grown to be the world’s largest online marketplace with over 90 million registered users. By providing sellers access to prospective customers in many countries, and offering buyers international access to merchandise of their choosing, eBay has provided e-commerce opportunities for entrepreneurs large and small.


Meet the eBay Seller Requirements

Open an account at PayPal if you do not already have one and do not have another means of accepting credit cards. EBay requires you to offer PayPal, a banking and online payment processor owned by eBay Inc., unless you offer another acceptable electronic payment service.
Electronic payment methods that meet eBay guidelines also include Paymate, ProPay, Moneybookers, or direct electronic credit card processing through your own merchant account.
Apply for a credit card or open a bank account in your own name if you don’t already have one. EBay will require this information when you register as a seller.

Register at eBay

Indicate that you want a seller’s account when registering.
Requirements for sellers are different from users who want only to buy, so it may take a few days before eBay clears your credit card or banking information and you can begin selling.
Provide the required banking information and follow any other instructions they give you in regards to verifying your accounts.
Start selling under an eBay user ID you developed as a buyer if you built good feedback.
Although feedback as a buyer does not give you the same credibility you will build over time as a good eBay seller, it does show you are a responsible member of the community.
If your current user ID doesn’t meet the qualifications for selling, because you have not given eBay the extra information required on a seller’s account, the company will notify you of this when you try to list an item for sale.
Set your feedback to public so everyone can view it. Although users can buy on eBay with a private feedback profile, public feedback is required for all sellers.

Start Small with Your eBay Business

Browse the site and the merchandise if you are completely new to eBay.
Read other sellers’ auctions in an assortment of eBay categories to see what they sell and how they sell it.
Locate a few items that you already own that your search results show have an eBay market. Choose non-breakable items that are easy to ship while you are learning.
List those few items for sale using the eBay standard listing form.
Click on the “Sell” button at the top of your “My eBay” page and then follow the listing instructions.
Provide clear and accurate descriptions and pictures so there is no confusion among your buyers as to what they are bidding on.
After your listed items to sell and the buyers to pay for their purchases, carefully package and ship the merchandise.
Continue to practice selling with your own unwanted possessions or single items you pick up on clearance or at garage sales.
Pay attention to see if there is a particular category or type of merchandise that you enjoy selling and that sells well for you.
Get a feel for what works best with your pricing, shipping charges and customer relations.

Choose a Product Line for Your eBay Business

Decide if you want to sell new, used, vintage or antique merchandise on eBay.
If you want to sell new merchandise you may need a steady wholesale supplier or drop shipper as your business grows. Initially you may be able to obtain enough new merchandise locally by shopping on clearance and hunting down good buys; but as your business grows your merchandise needs will increase.
Choosing the used, vintage and antique merchandise market means scouting out area flea markets, secondhand or consignment shops, auction houses, and estate and garage sales to keep a steady supply of unique marketable merchandise on hand.
Consider shipping issues and costs when choosing what you want to sell.
Your customers want to have their purchase in their hands at a reasonable price. Because they have to pay shipping fees, they consider their bid price and their shipping costs when deciding how much they are willing to pay for your product. Heavy items cost more to ship; consequently, they may sell for considerably less than lightweight items that are cheaper to ship.
Damage caused during shipping is the responsibility of the seller. Not only is damage greater with breakable items, but the amount of time you spend packaging them and the money you spend on packaging supplies and shipping insurance increases.

Grow Your eBay Business

Speak to an accountant for advice on keeping your eBay business records. Income you make from eBay sales must be reported on your taxes.
File for a tax identification number and collect and submit sales tax as required by your state.
Research and learn about your product line and sales trends in your marketplace so your business can continue to grow.


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Ebay on WordPress

Ebay on WordPress WPMeS Features

WordPress comments for each individual ebay page
Adjust ebay results page layout colors dynamically
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eBay products are added to your wordpress rss2 and atom feeds based on your menus
Built-in referer log reporting system
Download Keywords used to find your site
WordPress widget to display your ebay products menu
WordPress widget to search your ebay store
Auto sitemap
Built-in cron functionality to rebuild wpMeS rss and sitemap feeds
eBay feed import wizard to populate your store from eBay
Auto commenting system to help keep your blog alive and active
Automatically add Google +1 button to results page
Automatically add Facebook Like button to results page
Automatically post to your Twitter account when someone visits your site by doing a search
Supports all of eBay Partner Network Countries (15 last count)
Choose results display format, row or column
Click tracking reports
List resulting items by minimum or maximum Bid Count

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Thirft Store on Ebay

Thirft Store on Ebay Thrift Store Goldmines is packed full with over 100 pages of valuable instruction and images and live links on where to find vintage products, which vintage products sell best, how to research vintage products, and much, much more.

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My Ebay Script
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Power Pro Ebay Store Here is just some of the info covered in the course about listing a product:

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