How to Sell Ice Cream in an Ice Cream Truck

Have you seen that van which drives around in summer offering cold refreshment in the form of ice-cream delivered right to your neighborhood? Maybe this had always been your dream job. With some determination and money you will see that it is not that hard to become an ice cream truck man or woman.


Steps to Sell Ice Cream in an Ice Cream Truck

Method 1

  1. Purchase a license if needed in your country to allow you to sell ice cream from your van.
  2. Purchase a van. This will be one of the largest expenses on your part. You may be able to get a van for a better price at a second hand vehicle dealer. If you can try to purchase a specialised ice cream van as this will make your work a lot easier
  3. Purchase coolers. You will need to look for coolers which can fit into your van and can connect into 12 Volt power from your cigarette lighter socket. Camping stores are a great place to look for these.
  4. Purchase your ice cream. Find places where you can bulk buy your ice cream and toppings so that the cost will be reduced. Make sure you get a variety of flavours
  5. Purchase ice cream cones also in bulk. If you plan on also making gelatin, consider purchasing plastic cups and plastic spoons for it as well.
  6. Decorate the van. You will need your van to be attractive so that it will catch the eye of your potential buyers. Also place a list of all your flavours on the side of the van.
  7. Load your ice cream into your freezers.
  8. Choose some great tunes to play as you drive around to attract customers. Use a radio and connect it to a speaker.
  9. Drive around trying to sell your ice cream to people but don’t be pushy or mean. Be friendly and establish a good relationship with your customers.

Method 2

  1. Register with an accredited ice cream truck company.
  2. If you are accepted, the company with supply you with ice cream and a specialized van to sell your wares.Usually you will get a percentage commission out of the ice cream you manage to sell.


  • Be sure to register your company if your country requires it.


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How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business

How to Start an Ice Cream Truck Business So What do you Need to Succeed in the Ice Cream business?

You need to really enjoy children, and love the excitement they bring. Kids are your clients, and you're the ice cream man...about as close to a real life superhero as you can get.

You also need people skills. If you have both of these, then the ice cream truck business could definitely be for you. Why in the world should you use people skills for some soulless corporate giant like Wal-Mart for $7.50 an hour when you could possibly be doing up to $100 an hour in business while enjoying your life and making others happy?

The rest I'll teach you in this course, and I'll teach you everything I've learned from trial and error to make the most profitable ice cream truck possible.

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