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“Family structure and the role of women within the family have changed significantly in the last two decades. Today, over one-half of the mothers who have preschool children are employed outside the home, and nearly an equal number are single parents. More and more parents are needing to turn to non-family members to help care for their children while they are employed. Supplementary care of young children by non-family members is not new, however. Throughout history families have needed to rely on others to watch over their children (Gotts, 1988).” – Read More

How to Start a Childcare Business

A childcare business is a great way to earn a living if you enjoy working with children. There are two options for running a childcare business. If you want to care for a large amount of children, your best option is to start a center-based business. Those with children of their own, or who want to work from home, may want to consider a home-based, or family, childcare center. Read further to learn how to open a childcare business.

Center-Based Childcare Business

  1. Attend a licensing orientation to learn the rules and regulations of running a center-based childcare center in your community. Every community has different regulations that must be followed or you risk losing your license. This should be done before choosing a location for setting up your center, as there may be rules pertaining to distance from liquor stores, bars or clubs. You can learn about licensing orientations by contacting your local municipal center.
  2. Determine how many children you are going to care for and the age groups you will service. This will determine how many square feet your center needs to be, both indoors and outdoors, as well as how much staff you will need to hire. The information on square footage and staff-child ratio will be provided to you at the licensing orientation.
  3. Choose the building you will use to run your center based childcare. Take into consideration the childcare need in the area you are planning to run your business. To find this information, research the census information for the neighborhood you are considering and look at the age groups and financial information. When selecting the building, verify that the plumbing, food preparation areas, ventilation, lighting and emergency exits meet the licensing requirements for your city and state. It is recommended to have the building inspected for building, sanitation, zoning and fire codes before signing a lease or purchase agreement.
  4. Fulfill your licensing requirements. These may include a health physical, immunizations, tuberculosis testing, background check, fingerprinting, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid certification, and preventative health and safety class.
  5. Prepare your center for inspection. Preparation may consist of installing cabinet locks, setting up changing tables if you are servicing infants and/or toddlers, putting up smoke detectors and inserting electrical outlet covers. You may also need to post an emergency evacuation plan and material safety data sheets (MSDS). If your center passes inspection, you will obtain your child care license. If you do not pass the first time, you will be given an opportunity to correct the errors and arrange to be inspected again.
  6. Hire people to staff your childcare center. Be careful when selecting your staff, as they will be working in close contact with the children. It is advisable to conduct complete background investigations and ensure the staff is up to date on their immunizations.

Home-Based Childcare Business

  1. Schedule a family childcare orientation with your local licensing department. This is where you will learn how to open a childcare business out of your home while meeting the requirements of your city and state. You will also be given an application packet that you must complete in order to obtain your background check.
  2. Read the lease if you rent a home or live in an apartment. Some companies or individuals have a clause in their lease regarding home-based childcare centers in order to protect their property.
  3. Complete your immunizations and other required tests to get your license. This may include a health physical and/or tuberculosis test. Caring for children requires a lot of bending, moving and lifting, so you must be in good physical health.
  4. Childproof your home. These measures include locking cabinets, moving poisons and sharp objects out of reach, covering sharp corners and inserting electrical outlet covers. Verify that the outdoor play area is safe for children by checking for uncovered wells, poisonous or sharp plants such as cacti, and that access to the road is blocked.
  5. Arrange for your home inspection. If you pass the home inspection the first time and have completed your application packet and background investigation, you will be granted your license. If you did not pass, you can arrange for another inspection after completing the errors.


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Starting a Childcare Business

Starting a Childcare Business
The Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kitâ„¢ is a step-by-step guide which provides a collection of valuable sound advice and practical guidance for starting your own successful child care business.

You will benefit from this kit if you are:

considering starting a home day care center in the United States
thinking of making an income while staying home and caring for your own children
considering running a day care at a church or other outside facility
ready to take your knowledge and skills of working with children and applying it to your own business
ready to make a leap from your current baby-sitting service to a full-time day care business

This kit was designed to guide you with the information you will need to start and run a successful day care center. It offers many pointers that even experienced day care providers will find useful.

In language that is clear, readable and straight to the point, it explains:

what is required to start the business
determining what to charge
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attracting clients
establishing your daily schedule
planning activities for children
billing and accounting
managing your cash flow
record keeping
keeping your clients happy
growing your business
plus much, much more!!!

The kit also includes forms, business letters, and a complete business plan that are all essential to starting a successful day care. You will have everything you need to get your new business started!

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--Attracting new clients
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--Activities for children
--Daily scheduling samples
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--Managing your cash flow
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Daycare Starter Kit

Daycare Starter Kit The Daycare Starter Kit is packed full of the information that you need on how to start a daycare business. This kit will take you step-by-step from start to finish in setting up and running your daycare.

Here's a small sample of what you're about to learn:
The 7 issues you must consider before you start a daycare
Discover which licenses and permits are required for your area
How to choose a name for your daycare that increases your business
How to start a successful daycare without spending a fortune
4 proven strategies to help keep your daycare a safe place
How much to charge for your daycare
3 simple ways to make as much money as you want
How to create advertisements that will bring a flood of business
Where to find clients for your daycare
How to make sure that you get paid on time
Handling challenging situations such as sick and unruly children
How to create an interesting and smooth operating daily schedule

You will also learn:
How to make sure your daily schedule includes activities that encourage growth in the 4 basic areas of growth and child development
Meals and snacks made easy
How to screen parents and children and keep the problems out
Tips on how to expand your daycare and hire assistants
How to stay organized and keep your sanity
How to report and pay your taxes
How to get a tax deduction for using your home
And much, much more!

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Hello Amanda

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity and guidence to opening up my own daycare. I learned so much with all the information you gave me step by step.

I am 34 yrs old, married and have a 9yrs old baby girl. You gave me more confidence in myself as well as a new future. Thanks again and I will spread the word.

God bless you!!
Luzdenny F.

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