How to Start a Jewelry Business


How to Start a Jewelry Business

Running a profitable jewelry business is similar to starting up any other small business. Begin by educating yourself about how to make jewelry, perform careful research to ensure your product is in demand, keep overhead expenses low and don’t make the leap to a jewelers’ career until you build up an enthusiastic client’s who wants more of your jewelry than you are able to provide as a part-time jeweler. You’ll know it’s time to quit your day job when you can’t fulfill your client’s demands without working more hours as a jewelry designer.

Steps How to Start a Jewelry Business

  1. Begin your start-up jewelry business by educating yourself about business operational procedures.The initial planning and administrative procedures for your new business may seem cumbersome, but they will help you avoid expensive legal and accounting pitfalls in the future by properly setting up your business.
    • Attend small business education courses at your local community college or economic development business center.
    • Learn how and why and how you should write a business plan, set up proper accounting procedures and what kinds of licenses you will need.
  2. Accept credit cards for payment. Many creative individuals hesitate to offer credit cards for payment because they believe that credit card systems will be too expensive or complex to maintain. This may have been true in the past, but today small businesses can choose from affordable credit card processing devices that are so simple, some can even attach to a smart phone.
    • Many entrepreneurs find that the fees charged for services like this are outweighed by the amount of happy customers who are more willing pay immediately when given the choice of paying with a credit card instead of writing a check.
  3. Open an online storefront. Online craft businesses are a quick and relatively easy way to showcase your jewelry designs to the world. In the past, the only way to open an online jewelry store was to create a website, which required paying for the expertise of someone who knew how to create and market a successful storefront in order to make money. Today, however, there are numerous online craft communities on the Internet that provide you with an easy storefront template to show and sell your products in exchange for a small fee. and are just 2 of many online crafters storefronts made for jewelry designers.
  4. Sell directly to the public at a craft fair. Many crafters and jewelry designers make significant profits at craft fairs because these shows are an affordable way to reach out to large amounts of pre-qualified individuals who are attending the fair specifically to look at and buy homemade crafts. Many craft fairs are annual events that give artists the opportunity to establish relationship with repeat customers and steadily build up a client�le who seeks out their work.


    Although craft fairs exhibit space is usually affordable enough for an artist’s budget, to ensure that you’re actually going to profit from the event always calculate your total exhibit costs including transportation, lodging and incidentals before committing to an exhibit space.


  • Work-at-home craft assembly classified advertisements are a widespread Internet scam targeting cash-poor individuals who are looking for non-traditional work opportunities. Never answer an advertisement asking you to pay money for a jewelry making start-up kit. This is usually an indication of a fraudulent business that profits from selling the kits without offering any markets for the finished goods.


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Start a Jewelry and Craft Business From Home

Start a Jewelry and Craft Business From Home I know it may seem hard to believe, but this business doesn't take a lot of investment to get started. There is almost "No-Overhead".

To tell you the truth, here's all you really need...

1. Some jewelry supplies (I'll show you exactly where to buy in bulk for wholesale prices).

2. A computer to follow my step by step training.

3. A few hours a week to dedicate to your new home based business.
That's All You Need!

I've laid out the exact step by step checklist for you to show immediate results, and I'm are here to help you with whatever needs or questions you may have.
You will have full access to my online jewelry community where you can share ideas and gain insider tips from other artists and industry experts. We are more than happy to guide you along, and lead you towards your very own successful jewelry business.

The bottom line is, I want to help you sell your jewelry as fast as possible, and want to see you start to profit ASAP!

However, you need to take action on the materials I give you today. Once you do that, I can help you build an income from the comfort of your own home.

The best part of all this is there are no congested commutes, no hefty gas prices, no time clocks, no annoying bosses, and best of all... "It's Recession Proof"!

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How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business

How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit
"A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Building your Dream Business"

In this complete guide, I'll share all my proven tips, techniques, and secrets on how you can make your own business profitable and successful. Inside this great book you'll get over 100 pages of valuable information--absolutely everything any jewelry crafter would need to know to turn their fun hobby into a profitable home business.
This amazing book contains 5 comprehensive sections:

Section 1 - Getting Started

Step 1 - Your Reasons for Starting a Business

Step 2 - Establish Goals and Objectives

Step 3 - Is a Jewelry Business the Right Fit for Me?

Step 4 - Setting and Managing Expectations on your Time

Step 5 - Identify Your Customers

Step 6 - Identify your Products

Step 7 - Competition, Supply & Demand

Step 8 - Pricing Strategies

Section 2 - Business Operations and Legal Issues

Step 9 - Maintaining Records

Step 10 - Identifying Startup Costs

Step 11 - Planning to Pay Yourself

Step 12 - Projecting your Income

Step 13 - Business Legal Structure

Step 14 - Business Name

Step 15 - Handling Taxes

Step 16 - Business Licenses, Certificates, and Restrictions

Step 17 - Business and Personal Insurance

Step 18 - Credit Card Processing

Step 19 - Building an On-line Presence

Step 20 - Protecting your Business

Step 21 - Writing your Business Plan

Section 3 - Sales and Marketing

Step 22 - Building Client Relationships

Step 23 - Create Marketing Materials

Section 4 - Having a Successful Jewelry Party

Step 24 - Recruiting Party Hosts with Incentives

Step 25 - Design Great Party Invitations

Step 26 - Party Preparation

Step 27 - Party Refreshments

Step 28 - What to Expect During the Party

Step 29 - New Jewelry Party Formats

Step 30 - Post Party Tasks

Step 31 - Growing your Business

Section 5 - Additional Helpful Information


Where to find new Design Ideas

Suppliers List

Section 6 - Marketing Jewelry Online - Social Networking




YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket

More Social Networking Sites

Online Marketplaces - Etsy & More

Success to Jewelry Selling on Etsy


In addition, you'll learn these valuable secrets:

How to stop procrastinating, get focused, and start your own business today
An easy step-by-step process for creating a business plan that works for you
The secret of getting new customers for your business
How to build an incentive plan that makes party bookings easy, with no hard selling!
Fantastic new jewelry party format ideas
The critical steps to having a successful party
Additional ways to grow your business
How to use social networking as a way to stay in touch with clients
PLUS - All of the business forms you need to complete your plan
And more!

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"Lorri Ely's 'How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit' is one of the most comprehensive resources of its kind that I've come across. It's written in a friendly, easy to read style but is full of very professional and well researched advice.

Although I've been making a living selling my handmade jewelry at parties, and have even published a website with information on this method of selling, I still learned a huge amount. I can't wait to try out some of the new ideas in Lorri's ebook, as I know my business will benefit enormously. And I'll be recommending it to all my website visitors!"
-Louise Longworth

Secrets Of A Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service

Secrets Of A Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service What's a
Jewelry Shopping Service?

It's a creative, profitable way to sell your handmade jewelry (I'll show you exactly how to do it, step by step).

You'll do private jewelry showings for individual clients, helping them choose jewelry items to purchase for themselves or to give as gifts.

Sounds easy? It is. And there's a real need for this type of service.

People are busier than ever, and many folks find that mainstream shopping options have become too overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming.

So imagine how relieved these customers are when they discover a jewelry artist who works with them personally to solve their gift-giving and accessorizing problems - quickly, simply, and painlessly.

They're thrilled that you provide such an efficient, pleasant shopping experience - and that you always seem to have just the right the jewelry for them.

The Key to Success:
Provide What Your Clients
Really Want.

As a jewelry artist, there are huge opportunities to sell your work this way, as you'll see in "Secrets of a Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service".

I'll show you how to grow your customer base - including a ton of tips for providing the exact products and services your clients really want.

And I detail all the special touches that turn your jewelry customers into frequent buyers.

I'll also show you how you can make your jewelry gift and shopping service your entire jewelry business, or just one income stream of it.

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Learn how to sell your jewelry at shows, fairs, & festivals

Learn how to sell your jewelry at shows, fairs, & festivals This book is overflowing with proven strategies, tips, examples, and years of experience that you won't find anywhere else.

This 176-page book is loaded with proven strategies, tips, and years of experience that you won't find anywhere else!

You can access "Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth" for only $39 - about the same price you'd pay for a few strands of beads.

If all you do after reading this book is sell one or two extra pieces of jewelry, you will get your money's worth.

But I'm certain the information in this book will do a lot more than that for you.

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How to Make a Killing Selling Jewelry


You wouldn’t start on a journey without a plan and a map. It’s the same with designing and selling jewelry – you need to follow carefully proven steps. You could learn your own way over a few years, but it would cost you a lot of money, time, and frustration trying! This book will show you how to avoid the common errors:

Buying the wrong beads - and the right beads at the wrong price
Making the wrong type of jewelry
Expecting sales with little marketing
Relying on only one way to sell and not trying anything need
Missing opportunity for easy sales
Selling at a loss or very little profit
Wasted money with leftover beads
Quiet times of the year bringing cash flow problems


Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy of How to Make a Killing Selling Bead Jewelry:

Powerful inspiration & how to start selling RIGHT away
How to sell at fairs, home & e-parties & other stores
How to sell jewelry in bridal & florist shops
How to build a website and online jewelry store
Marketing tricks for your website or online store
The secrets to become an eBay jewelry power seller
How to easily open a credit card merchant account
How to make a killing selling at jewelry shows
How to calculate the right price for maximum profit
How to get other people selling successfully for you
How to take photographs that sell
How to dramatically increase orders with gift vouchers
How to find lucrative new markets to sell your jewelry
How charities can bring you big returns
How to get sales by charging more than your competitors
How to earn money teaching jewelry making
Where to source good quality beads below wholesale
How to travel overseas to source beads
How & where to buy beads in the Far East
How to profit from the secrets of pearls, jade and coral
How magical beads can bring you high-yielding returns
How findings make you more money
How to profit by selling seasonal jewelry
How to design jewelry that buyers' swarm for
How to turn your leftover beads into gold
How to use the benefits of gemstones to sell

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Implementing the suggestions in Nigel McKay's new book will help whether you are just starting out or want to expand your business. He has alot of knowledge of beads to share and his enthusiasm for selling fairly leaps off the pages. Read this book and you'll see your profits increase.
Joyce D.

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