How to Start a Life Coaching Service

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How to Start a Life Coaching Service

PCWorld named Life Coaching one of the top 10 business you can start on an SmartPhone. This is what they had to say…

“Ah, the beauty of the life coach: You need no real credentials, no degree, and no special business license to give people your opinion on how they should run their lives. Throw together a Website touting your expertise–in the life-coach world, the more outrageous the design, the better–get some testimonials from people friendly to your cause, and write up a few stories that show off how wise and intelligent you are (something like “Seven steps to a more serene id”). Once the clients come calling, you can book appointments for in-person meetings or, better yet, telephone calls. Charge premium rates or monthly retainers for folks who’d like 24/7 attention. You’re on your own, however, when it comes to actually dealing with all these crazies.”


Life coaches are professionals who work with people to help them build on past successes and make desired changes in their lives. U.S. News and World Report has cited life coaching as the second biggest consulting business. If you want to help others by becoming a life coach, here are the steps you need to take.


 Steps to Becoming a Life Coach

  1. Be a caring, empathetic individual.Much of the work a life coach does is helping people set goals and encouraging them to achieve them. This requires being someone who likes being in touch with people in a friendly manner.
    • Face-to-face contact is not always necessary to be a life coach, as many coaches work with clients over the telephone. It has got many advantages: it is less inhibiting and therefore easier to build trust. It’s convenient as it is global and flexible.
  2. Decide on what area of life coaching you wish to specialize in. Some life coaches specialize in coaching people on defining visions for their lives and seeking ways to improve them. Some coaches focus on helping clients choose and train for careers, while others coach executives in how to run their businesses, and still others coach clients in managing their interpersonal relationships.
  3. You don’t need to have a background as a therapist or counselor. Some life coaches have backgrounds as successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, educators or human resource administrators psychiatrists, psychologists or counselors. Many turn to life coaching because of the opportunity to work with people who are already functioning well to help them function better.
  4. Get training in life coaching. Most life coaches are trained in private institutes, although the classes are structured like college classes, with a mixture of required courses and electives. Often, classes are delivered online or by telephone.
  5. Be mentored by an established life coach. Just as therapists receive hours of counseling during their training, new life coaches are mentored by experienced coaches to supplement their training. Mentoring may occur in group sessions or with individual coaches over the phone.
  6. Receive accreditation from a recognized organization.Organizations such as the International Coach Federation or the International Association of Coaching set standards and a code of ethics for life coaches and certify those life coaches who conform to those standards.
    • There is no requirement for any life coach to take part in a credentialing program; however, doing so will make you part of the credentialing organization’s life coaching network and can direct clients to you.
  7. Continue to improve your life coaching skills. Many of the life coach accrediting organizations offer continuing education classes to further develop your life coaching skills, as well as conferences where you can meet with and seek advice from other life coaches.


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