How to Start a Wedding Consultant (Wedding Planner) Service

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How to Start a Wedding Consultant (Wedding Planner) Service

If you love watching and planning holiday events, and you’re up for a job that requires big time organization, then this article will lead you to a perfect job: being a wedding planner!

  1. Find someone else who is a wedding consultant. You may want to do this because they can tell you where to start, how they got where they are today, and they can answer questions you have. If you can’t find anyone, try to find someone who plans formal events.
  2. After talking to whoever else it is, ask yourself if you feel like this is the real job for you. If you aren’t the most organized person, this isn’t the right job. You need to be organized from head to toe and easy to contact.
  3. Purchase binders, paper, and pens. Once you get started and people come to you and you won’t have the supplies you need, you’ll be stuck.
  4. Spread the word. Tell your friends what you want to be, so if they get married soon you’ll have a job quickly.
  5. Purchase a domain name on the internet (your own website), so when you need to be contacted, you’ll seem more professional. You don’t have to buy your own office yet, but a domain name is essential.
  6. Talk to people. Visit catering companies and ask them about weddings and how they plan the food service. Take business cards so you’ll be able to contact them quickly to schedule a wedding. Talk to exterior decorators about planning weddings, and get business cards.
  7. Get experience. It may feel stupid, but do “practice” plans where you record down notes on what the bride and groom prefer, and “plan” their perfect wedding on your free time. This will test your organization skills for when you really get in business.
  8. As time progresses and you feel ready to quit your old job because you feel you’re on safe ground as a new consultant, do it. Talk to people at your church about what you’re doing; churches are great places to spread word. Don’t quit your current job until you’re 200% sure you’ll be safe as a planner
  9. Plan. Keep your business cards safe. You may need to purchase a small office by this time, if necessary. Keep everything in your workspace extremely tidy, because even a small mistake will result in a crucial disaster. Have fun!
  10. Advertise. Place advertisements on Google and local TV stations once you can afford it. It really does increase business.


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