Many Ways to Advertise for Your Business


Many Ways to Advertise for Your Business

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Media Advertising

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Internet (see Online Advertising below)
  • Cell Phone & Mobile Advertising
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Print Advertising

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Fliers


Outdoor Advertising

I'm sexy and I know it.
  • Billboards,
  • Kiosks,
  • Trade-shows
  • Events
  • Yard Signs
  • Car Magnets


Other Advertising Methods

  • Donate to Products
  • Services to Charities
  • Network
  • Covert Advertising – Advertising in Movies
  • Celebrity Adverting

Online Advertising

John Paul II

Goes to Show, Everybody is Online!

  • Paid Marketing
    • Google Adwords
    • StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
    • Linkedin Ads


  • Free Online Marketing

Social Networking

    • Twitter

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Youtube Advertisement

Youtube Advertisement People who have connected their YouTube accounts to a social service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Video Marketing is the newest avenue to market your products and make a lot of money online. Not only are businesses large and small using video marketing to promote their products and services; they are also making money on the video content they create!

Imagine having a video promoting your products AND bringing in revenue from ads on your video at the same time! It can happen, just ask Blendtec.

And where is the best place to share videos?

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Beating Google Adwords

Beating Google Adwords Earning $1000 per day doesn't happen over night. Other guides claim that you can make thousands of dollars a day by working 30 minutes or less a week. LIES, LIES, LIES. They may forget to mention the fact that it may have taken 100’s of hours to set up these successful streams of income. It is possible to leave things on autopilot, but not without putting in a lot of time setting up first... correctly that is.

Achieve the Lowest Possible Bid Prices on Keywords
Get Your Ads Listed Higher, for Cheaper
Fix Your "Slapped" keywords and get them back online
Achieve a "Great" Quality Score
Drastically Increase Your Traffic
Get Your Ads Displayed IMMEDIATELY Every Time

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Facebook Ad Guide

Facebook Ad Guide Facebook Advertising Guide, 3rd Ed.

will show you all you need to know how to create successful marketing and advertising campaigns right on Facebook.

You will learn how to avoid costly mistakes that can be crucial to your online marketing success. You will also learn how to create great Facebook Pages, Groups, Places, Social Plugins and how to use them to your advantage in your business marketing.

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"I have been enjoying your book and am learning lots of useful things. I have not seen 153 pages of material so thoroughly loaded with quality observations, suggestions and advice before."
Craig White Professor of Sociology Fairmont State University, West Virginia

Facebook on Steroids

Facebook on Steroids Discover How This 22 year-old Newbie Ended the "Big Facebook Robbery" & Revived an "Old School Formula" to Wrestle His Share of the Facebook Cash Mountain...

Now you can get the same information that exposes a handful of "loopholes" in the Facebook system - and discover the same system the smart affiliates are using to profit each day...

A simple piece of money generating software. It's so simple, it almost seems unfair.

But after years of trial and error, I am pretty darned convinced that I deserve it.

Today I am handing this opportunity to you.

You don’t need to be some guru with years of Internet marketing knowledge to pull this stuff off. Just an average Joe with a few hours on your hand and a PC that can connect to the Internet.

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Great Newspaper Ads

Great Newspaper Ads It's jam-packed with powerful insider newspaper advertising secrets and techniques.

You'll find out how to easily create ads that will at least triple the response you get from your newspaper advertising -- I guarantee it.

And it's written in 'everyday' language -- no marketing gobbledygook.

Creating your own newspaper ads is made very easy for you. You are taken through the 8 simple steps of creating a powerful ad with worksheets to guide your every move.

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My sincerest thanks for sending me a jam packed informative book about newspaper advertising. I have since been able to share with my clients ideas and ways they can improve their ads. ...I wish you much success.
Liz Anvari Editor 'On the Go' (Nebraska Newspaper)

Mr. Think Outside of the Box

Mr. Think Outside of the Box THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH you can't Benefit from this INFORMATION -

"IF You don't Believe that is the CASE I WILL GIVE YOU BACK your MONEY NO Questions asked"

The guy or girl who never marketed online before. The person who has not broken $ 2,000 a month yet.This information is guide can be scaled to 6 and 7 figure results and even higher

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Get More Contractor Leads

Get More Contractor Leads An Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Lead Generator - For Any Contracting Business!

You can get leads for ANY TYPE of CONTRACTING BUSINESS: Roofing Leads, Painting Leads, Landscaping Leads, Flooring Leads, Plumbing Leads, Siding Leads, Pest Control Leads, Landscaping Leads, HVAC Leads, House Cleaning Leads, Hauling Leads, Handyman Leads, Carpentry Leads, Trim Leads, Masonry Leads, Construction Leads, Home Repair Leads, Sun Room Leads, Auto Repair Leads OR whatever other business you may have!
Finally, a cost effective way to get the phone ringing with hungry customers begging you to come finish their project first!

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Write Smoking Ads

Write Smoking Ads o let's shoot right to the "bottom line" and tell you what is in my course and how much it's gonna cost you...

* How to get your prospect's attention in ONE second.

* The #1 mistake people make when writing ads and how you can avoid it.

* Understanding what your prospect is really looking for.

* The importance of power words and how to use them.

* What two things you must include in every headline. Miss either one and your ad will NOT compel.

* Learn EXACTLY what to say in the body of your copy so it pulls the best response.

* Copy tricks and ad tips that only the highly paid pros know.

* Quailifiers. What are they? And how can they put ROCKET FUEL in any ad you write.

* Tactics you can use to write short, compelling, powerful copy.

* The single most powerful "alpha code" power psychological tactic that ONLY true copy masters know of and use - that your competitors are completely CLUELESS about...

* And many more valuable copy nuggets of pure cash gold.

This is a powerful Crash Course, over 80 pages, and it contains absolutely no wasted space or words... just the real information you need to learn how to write SMOKIN ads that turn words into cash.

You can read this report in the next 45 minutes, take action on the content, and literally see immediate results in your campaigns. Or you can use what it teaches to add power to any ad you ever use in your business.

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Easy Site Builder

Easy Site Builder Smarten your web presence by just following the three simple Website Building steps with the use of our Easy Website Builder. Select any Website Builder Plan according to your website desire and select the relevant templates from hundreds of different designs that prove to be a perfect match to your company and individual preferences. After that, put in the suitable content, images, blogs and many more by using our Online Website Builder interface. We also provide free hosting accounts with all our Website Builder packages.

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