Coffee Shop Secrets

Coffee Shop Secrets You'll Discover...

7 Ways to Get Financing!
3 Questions you must know before financing your equipment!
Real-world market statistics answer the question, "Is there room for me?"
4 critical issues to arrange before you startup.
80 individual steps you need to take to insure your coffee shop is successful.
The #1 goal when naming your business.
How to detemine if you should leave your job.
When you should quit your job.
7 simple ideas for developing your business plan (Central Nervous System).
A sample breakeven anlysis.
The marketing secrets which enable rapid growth.
The single question that can double your profit.
The absolute best location for your coffee shop.
A detailed Lease Checklist to ensure you don't forget anything.
A POWERFUL secret to designing your shop on a shoe-string budget.
The single most important thing to know when purchasing your espresso machine.
Where to get the BEST beans.
What equipment you must have and where to get it.
How to determine your hours of operation.
What time you should never close.
The real secret to a profitable menu.
10 low-cost, super-effective marketing methods that create a buzz.
Discover our best-ever promotional technique.
How to keep up with the coffee industry.
The #1 principle that will virtually guarantee your success.
When to sign a lease.
When to hire a contractor.
When & how to hire employees.
When to begin advertising.
When to purchase equipment.
And a lot more......

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