Coffee’s Shop Business Plan

Coffee’s Shop Business Plan How many times have you read how you could:

Take Over a Closed Coffee Shop, Open and Make HUGE Profits...
Use Your EXCELLENT Credit To Get a Loan To Open a Coffee Shop...
Hire A Top Barista To Run Your Shop For You...
Have Your Coffee Roaster Help You Get Open...

Reality is, all have a lot of truth to them. However, when starting a coffee shop business, even having these elements in place guarantees you nothing if you do not have a foundation to build your new business upon. Just because you have excellent credit does not mean you know how to run a business. This is where some banks fail. They want a place to hang their hats. And being a top barista is a great honor but that does not mean they can run a shop. Get the picture?

Some prospective owners think they have to:

Be an expert "barista" (you will with time and practice, but it's realistic to know everything about making coffee drinks when you start!)
Know all about coffee beans and coffee bean roasting (I didn't when I first started out!)
Have a lot of experience in the coffee business and retail (Huh?...)

The Fact Is, You Can Open A Profitable Coffee Shop Without A Lot of Experience In The Industry... Once You Discover The Insider Secrets to Success included in my plan!

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Better Than Hiring a High-Dollar Consultant:

"Tony, We hired a consultant and paid him almost $7000, not including travel and still did not get the kind of advice that is in your plan!"
Percy S., Spokane WA

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