Daycare Starter Kit

Daycare Starter Kit The Daycare Starter Kit is packed full of the information that you need on how to start a daycare business. This kit will take you step-by-step from start to finish in setting up and running your daycare.

Here's a small sample of what you're about to learn:
The 7 issues you must consider before you start a daycare
Discover which licenses and permits are required for your area
How to choose a name for your daycare that increases your business
How to start a successful daycare without spending a fortune
4 proven strategies to help keep your daycare a safe place
How much to charge for your daycare
3 simple ways to make as much money as you want
How to create advertisements that will bring a flood of business
Where to find clients for your daycare
How to make sure that you get paid on time
Handling challenging situations such as sick and unruly children
How to create an interesting and smooth operating daily schedule

You will also learn:
How to make sure your daily schedule includes activities that encourage growth in the 4 basic areas of growth and child development
Meals and snacks made easy
How to screen parents and children and keep the problems out
Tips on how to expand your daycare and hire assistants
How to stay organized and keep your sanity
How to report and pay your taxes
How to get a tax deduction for using your home
And much, much more!

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Hello Amanda

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity and guidence to opening up my own daycare. I learned so much with all the information you gave me step by step.

I am 34 yrs old, married and have a 9yrs old baby girl. You gave me more confidence in myself as well as a new future. Thanks again and I will spread the word.

God bless you!!
Luzdenny F.

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