Ebay on WordPress

Ebay on WordPress WPMeS Features

WordPress comments for each individual ebay page
Adjust ebay results page layout colors dynamically
Create dynamic URLs to perform and produce eBay results page
Updates your twitter page when visitors find your page from a search engine search
eBay products are added to your wordpress rss2 and atom feeds based on your menus
Built-in referer log reporting system
Download Keywords used to find your site
WordPress widget to display your ebay products menu
WordPress widget to search your ebay store
Auto sitemap
Built-in cron functionality to rebuild wpMeS rss and sitemap feeds
eBay feed import wizard to populate your store from eBay
Auto commenting system to help keep your blog alive and active
Automatically add Google +1 button to results page
Automatically add Facebook Like button to results page
Automatically post to your Twitter account when someone visits your site by doing a search
Supports all of eBay Partner Network Countries (15 last count)
Choose results display format, row or column
Click tracking reports
List resulting items by minimum or maximum Bid Count

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