How to Start a Junk Hauling Business on Craigslist

How to Start a Junk Hauling Business on Craigslist Why buy this startup guide?

We show you the rules. There are some items you simply cannot transport to the landfill. Other items must be recycled. We educate you on these "problem" items so you don't get slapped with a big fine.

Pricing. You should be charging per cubic yard. Not all jobs are the same...some junk and debris is stored in cramped basements and attics, while other items are simply hauled out of the garage. We give you pricing guides based on current junk hauling rates.

Extra Income Opportunities. There are opportunities beyond Craigslist. Certain businesses require hauling services regularly all year round. We show you how to find them and secure their business.

Our Craigslist Ad. Most junk haulers on Craigslist have unprofessional looking ads. You've seen them: poor grammar and spelling, no color, and no pictures. Your professionally designed ad will get more calls and more emails because you put forth a trustworthy image. More importantly, we show you how to post the ad to the top of the list every morning and stay visible all day every day.

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