How to Start an Auto Detailing Business

How to Start an Auto Detailing Business Attention existing shops:

Congratulations! You took action and opened your shop. When you set your prices, you made estimates about the time and money it takes to perform each detail. It all looked great on paper but in the real world jobs are taking longer and costing more than you expected. Have you absolutely maximized your profits? Is there any product or time wasted in your detailing process? This ebook and online videos will show you how to:

Clean all wheels and wheel wells without touching them in 90 seconds.
Clean door jambs and trunk jambs without touching them in 90 seconds.
Remove bugs, wash car, and claybar all painted surfaces in 10 minutes.
Detail the interior of a car and vacuum it once during the whole process.
Go to your work vehicle once while washing, once while detailing, and once while waxing. That’s it. Everything you need will be in your pockets and in your apron as you work. No constant trips back and forth to your supplies!
Clean every button, switch, vent, crevice, and gap in an instrument panel and console in less than 2 minutes.
Dress the exterior rubber and plastic in 60 seconds.
Polish and wax an entire vehicle in 15 minutes. That’s right, combine these two time consuming steps into one!

Every detail shop I’ve worked in or observed was wasting time with unnecessary steps and excessive manual labor. Even when you’re optimized, detailing is extremely hard work so why make it any harder than it has to be? I’ll show you how to trim your detailing times 25%, or refund your money if my system fails on this promise.

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"Mr. Robert I am so happy and thankful I was doing an interior detail today an its incredible the way your system work , so simple, so accurate and fast that my customer was so happy. Thanks again."
Gilmer Espina Street Appeal Car Detailing Baltimore, MD

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