Learn to Paint a House from a Pro

Learn to Paint a House from a Pro
An alarming trend in the housing market is beginning to rear its ugly head.

Mold And Mildew are growing rampant on northern exteriors and can even be labeled a pandemic. It can grow on every surface of your house and even invade inside causing respiratory ailments!

Direct exposure from Sunlight causes irreparable damage to wood fibers by attacking it with Ultra Violet Light that penetrates deep into the wood surface. This dead wood fiber is where mold attaches its roots and expels its spores into the air!

Then add a moisture rich environment with lots of rain condensation, ice, snow, wind and weathering that will rub your paint the wrong way.

Rapid temperature changes cause the parts of your house to expand and contract and will compromise its structural integrity.

This process will create numerous gaps and cracks for water to invade and could even erode your foundation from the inside out!

Even the local wildlife will take notice and begin to think they can move in. BEES, WASPS, HORNETS, BIRDS AND BATS will move in and leave their remnants wherever they please!

Without a maintenance plan, your home is defenseless against mother natures harsh and unyielding destructive powers.

Wouldn’t you feel secure knowing that your house is protected from the elements?
Having a properly maintained home is like having a well guarded bank vault. It keeps all your possessions safe and helps you sleep at night.

The earth is quickly taking back what was once hers and will continue to erode your exterior unless you fight back.

Residential Painting Contractors are making a fortune because of the sheer numbers of houses that need attention.

And the simple truth is there are more houses than PAINTERS to Paint them!

How many times have you called a painter and not even got a return phone call!

Even if you can secure a spot with a reliable contractor, you may have to wait months or even years for their schedule to open up to help you!

Which leaves the market open for unlicenced, under insured, unskilled laborers who may have done your gardening last week, and are painting the next.

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