Men: Dress for Success

Men: Dress for Success Get the very best information and illustrations that can empower men with the ability to conceptualize and apply stylish men’s fashion matching. This is what you are able to get out of my ebook:

How to visualize effectively the concepts through our use of great pictorial examples of suits, shirts and ties.

Learn the techniques and concepts in color coordination on:
Same Hues
Similar Hues
Contrasting Hues
Complementary Hue
Achromatic Hue

Conceptualize from the illustrations and explanations on how to play with colors to bring out fashion style.

Discover the art of choosing the right colors to coordinate your clothing for different seasons.

Develop the knowledge of styling your suits, shirts and ties with different patterns through the in-depth illustrations on:
2 similar patterns
2 different patterns
3 different patterns
3 different patterns where 2 are similar
3 similar patterns
4 different patterns

Wear the right dress shoes to coordinate with your attire.

Find out about the nice finishing touches that spike up your dressing style.

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I just finished reading your e-book and I am very impressed. Anyone seeking to find out how to coordinate their clothes will really learn a lot of useful information. I also like the layout of the book and the pictures showing exactly what you are talking about. Thanks for helping the men of the world to look their best!
David Scott Bartky, Author, "Grooming Secrets For Men"

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