Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success

Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success If you’re a small business owner, and you want your small business to
not only stay above water but take off like a rocket, you’ve come to the right place.

Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success: Ten Steps to Running Your Own Business is a simply-
written, easy-to-understand, packed-with-info working manual that’ll show you how to:

· understand, plan, organize, run, manage, market, finance, protect, and finalize your business
· make more money than you ever dreamed possible
· grow your business in leaps and bounds (if that’s what you want), and
· make a fortune when you sell up and retire

Written by a small-business owner for small-business owners, I understand how difficult entrepreneurship can get in the trenches.

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“Will Mason is one of the world’s ‘golds’ of business self improvement. As a successful small business owner and author myself, what he captures so forcefully should not be kept a 'secret' from any small business owner.”
--Steve Silbiger, Author of The Ten-Day MBA and Founder of Plymouth Direct, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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