Women – Dress for Your Body Type

Women – Dress for Your Body Type "The Secrets Personal Image Consultants Don't Want You To Know"

Learn How To Dress, Makeup and Accessorize Perfectly On Each Occasion, No Matter How Your Body Looks

If you're a regular woman living in our current times when magazine cover girls are regarded as perfect, then most certainly you are facing one of these problems:

You have cellulite, "love handles" or, on the contrary, you're too skinny
Neck too long or too short
Wide or narrow foreheads
Breasts too small or too big
Hips too large or too small
You make one of the common dressing mistakes
Have no idea what type of skirts, dress or pants to wear depending on occasion and silhouette
Your face shape makes you look funny with certain makeup, jewelry and hats
Don't know exactly what each color reflects and how to match them perfectly
You hate your hair, nails and skin

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